The Preschool Program

2.5 – 4 YEARS OF AGE

Three year olds have truly left babyhood behind, not only in appearance but also in added skills. With enthusiasm, enjoyment and a handful of questions your child will be able to practice their self-help skills, emerging social skills and increased balance and control of large motor and fine motor muscles in an atmosphere where exploration is safe and fun.

All children will enjoy fun activities like creative art and circle time where we read stories and sing songs together. You will be thrilled to see that your child is learning new skills like pre-reading and pre-math. We also work very hard on our listening skills. Everyday the children learn how to socialize through play and fun with their peers and trained staff. Consistent, positive guidance is given to help develop these emerging social skills. Opportunity is provided to improve muscle coordination such as buttoning, drawing, cutting with scissors, gluing and beginning printing.