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Program Statement

Orillia Central Preschool believes that children are competent, capable of complex thinking, curious, and rich in potential. We believe that children flourish when given the opportunity to make choices, are provided with an environment that offers them reasonable risks and supports their natural curiosity in connecting with the world around them.  Our goal at Orillia Central Preschool is to provide an environment that offers all children the opportunity to develop in their own unique way.

Our program and philosophy are consistent with “How does learning happen? Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years”.  It is based on the philosophy that children’s play is valued, and that children interact with and learn from their peers. We believe that through intentional play children are encouraged to form positive relationships, make choices, and participate in a full range of activities.   Our program is designed to enhance children’s development in all areas, foster self-esteem and encourage both independence and interdependence in an environment that is positive and free from coercion.

Children in all our programs are offered a nurturing and comfortable classroom setting where they can creatively explore, investigate and respond to their peers and their teachers.  Our rooms are filled with a variety of carefully selected accessories that offer choices for children to examine and manipulate.  Children are accepted and encouraged to move throughout the different activity centres set up by our educators that reflect the current interests of our children.

Parent Handbook

Healthy Meals & Activities

At Orillia Central Preschool, children are served nutritious lunches and two snacks daily that meet the requirements of the Health Canada documents “Eating Well with Canada’s Food Guide”, “Nutrition for Healthy Term Infants” and the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Units guidelines.  We work to provide our children with a variety of different foods to encourage healthy eating and positive body image.

Activities for Play & Learn:

Discover Earth

People & Places

Nature Walk

Outdoor Activities

Play Time

Having Fun

Arts & Crafts

Finger Painting

Music & Movement

Dance is just discovery, discovery, discovery! Author: Martha Graham           


Mission Statement

Orillia Central Preschool enriches the lives of children and their families by providing positive opportunities for development.

The Infant Program


To quote renowned child psychiatrist, Dr Jean Clinton, “Love builds brains”.  There is nothing more significant an infant room can offer your child than positive and supporting relationships.  

Here, at Orillia Central Preschool, we believe that you, the parent, are the expert on your child.  Our goal  as educators, is to deliver a warm, nurturing, and responsive infant care program for you and your baby. We provide a learning environment that fosters the development of sight, movement, touch, emotions, sound, speech, and social interactions.  As infants explore their environment, they begin to build an understanding of the world around them.  They begin to gain confidence in their abilities while building trusting relationships with our educators and their peers.  We believe that during this critical time in a child’s development, positive relationships lay the foundation needed for future growth and competency.


You and your child set the stage for our infant program routine.  We believe that it is important to follow the cues of our infants; when our littlest ones are tired, it is time to rest.  When they are hungry, it is time to eat.  When they are filled with energy and giggles, it is time to play.  

Children are learning all the time and everywhere.  We plan for even our youngest of children to spend at least 2 hours a day outside.  

Formula and Diapers

Many of our babies come to us still drinking formula or breast milk.  We ask that breast milk be brought in daily, in a labeled cooler bag for storage in our classroom fridge.  If your child is on formula, please provide 1 unopened tin of formula and our staff will prepare your little one’s bottles daily. 

When you are ready to introduce your child to solid foods, Orillia Central Preschool will provide snacks and meals that are healthy and age appropriate.  Families of children under 1 year of age are required to complete a form detailing the foods that their child is permitted.

Please bring in one sleeve of diapers at a time along with wipes and any diaper creams you would like to be applied.  During COVID, Orillia Central Preschool will not be utilizing cloth diapers.

The Toddler Program



From our children’s first tentative steps to full out running, babbling to conversations, the toddler years are filled with giant leaps of growth and development.  During this time, you can expect to see some tremendous social, emotional, and intellectual changes in your child.

At Orillia Central Preschool, our toddler environment is intentionally designed to allow our children the opportunity to experience their ever-evolving world through play and imagination.  We believe in allowing children the freedom to be curious as we provide the resources that allow them to explore their own ideas and thoughts in a safe, responsive, and nurturing environment. 


The educators in the toddler room understand that children develop a sense of security when they know what to expect.  We move through our days with a “first and then” philosophy as opposed to being governed by a clock.  Each day provides new and exciting opportunities in an environment that the children feel comfortable in to begin building independence and autonomy. 

Our outdoor experiences are very important to us and we spend as much time as possible exploring our community and our natural environment. Rain or shine, we try our best to spend it outdoors.

The Preschool Program

2.5 – 4 YEARS OF AGE

Orillia Central Preschool educators are driven by an undeniable curiosity to learn about children and the processes in which they interpret the world.

We believe that during the preschool years, children engage the world with their whole body.  In our preschool rooms we focus on relationships and play as a gateway to all learning.  Emphasis is placed on helping children learn how to self-regulate, socialize with their peers and educators as they begin to make connections between thoughts and experiences and the world around them. Our goal is to spark our children’s curiosity and ignite a passion for lifelong learning.

Before and After School Programs/March Break/Summer School Age Program


Orillia Central Preschool offers Before and After School programs at our Orchard Park and St Bernard’s (South) location.  We also offer full time care on PA days and during school breaks at one or both locations depending on numbers and regulations.

The ongoing dialogue between our students and our educators is the foundation in which the program is built.  We strive to provide opportunities within our school age program that help our children feel good about who they are and build confidence in their ability to conquer challenges. By listening, speaking respectfully with our children, and encouraging cooperation with both children and adults, our team of educators foster an environment that promotes self-confidence and meaningful, responsive relationships. 

We offer a wide variety of mediums for children to express themselves and to help them make meaning of the world around them.  Children can choose to play within a group or independent setting, involve themselves in organized sports activities, listen to music, read a book or just talk with friends.

After a full day of hard work in elementary school our children are ready for a delicious and healthy break.  Our before and after school programs provide a nutritious snack daily that is always met with eagerness.

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